What is SafeTackle?

Designed specifically to emulate the Size, Movement, Resistance,  and Contours of an opposing player. Allowing for the ability to safely tackle at full speed, exerting maximum force and intensity. Greatly reducing the risk of head or bodily injury involved in player-on-player contact drills. More…

Why Choose Us


We have performed significant testing and review of SafeTackle, and are so confident in its durability that we offer a full three year warranty*. You will enjoy many seasons of intensity with your SafeTackle.


SafeTackle is the most efficient, realistic and safest way to practice, train, and greatly increase the proper tackling skills at all skill levels, without player contact.


SafeTackle is the replacement for player contact, sleds, and any other ridged tackling device...period.


Our desire to influence and open new possibilities to Players and Coaches has driven us to provide a low-cost, high impact product that everyone can use.


Full 3-year warranty*
We have performed significant testing and review of our Tackle Ring, and are so confident in its durability that we offer a full Three year warranty*. You will enjoy many seasons of service with your SafeTackle.


Training, improved technique, advanced skills, open field pursuit, and various angles and methods of contact can be achieved with your SafeTackle. Plus, instant feedback for Coaches and staff.

Our Pricing



Gives Youth players the feel and excitement to rise to the next level.



The standard for driving the true experience of game speed skills training at all levels.



Size and composition for elite level performance.


Kenyatta Wright

former NFL player New York Jets/Buffalo Bills

Football players all watch the NFL’s biggest hits and games. They see the super stars launching and using forearms, the head shots, so they emulate that. “We are trying to get rid of that mindset, and so is the NFL. Proper tackling techniques, vision training  and practice using SafeTackle will help athletes consistently train  healthier and in a safe way to play the game we all love.”

Marvin Jones

former NFL player New York Jets

New York Jet and Florida State University Legend partners with SafeTackle. The tackle training device that answers the question, “How do we practice, when we can’t practice?”. Recent rules and regulation changes throughout leagues across the nation require us to look at new methods and devices for skills career training with all players across all levels of the sport. SafeTackle is the answer.

Ethan Grumke

Evangel University

I liked the donut shape of it. It’s more realistic because you can make it a moving target to mimic a running back or a receiver. It felt like you were grabbing a leg as well because of the shape of the hole. I also really liked being able to run full speed and practice tackling even though I had no pads on. There wasn’t a moment where I didn’t want to stop hitting it!